PERMANENT DEADLINE: A Novel about War, Religion, Big Media and other Depravities

0001_NEW_COVER2-330-expA priest with no soul, a humanitarian with no heart, a soldier without honor and a reporter with no clue. They cross paths with a warlord of an oil-rich nation of his own bloody creation in the closing days of the Cold War. Horrifically enough, hilarity ensues.

After disappearing for seven years, Mark Fritz (yours truly) crawled out of the cesspool of American journalism to write PERMANENT DEADLINE, a CATCH-22 for the 21st Century.

After covering every significant global event of the post-Cold War era, the cumulative result is fiction of frightening familiarity. Six people with lethally divergent agendas and overlapping deadlines collide explosively in ways darkly comic, disturbingly real, and provocatively offensive. In the first of a series of novels and non-fiction books in progress, dirty secrets will be spilled about America’s twisted view of heroism, piety, patriotism and the mindless drones who cost more lives than any other piece of the power elite: the media.

PERMANENT DEADLINE is an epic adventure in an alternative reality. It defies genre yet illuminates and entertains even as it challenges the reader to connect the characters and events before every thread is woven together.